Welcome to my personal web site. It's a snapshot of things I've been doing and what some of my interests are. Since life is ever changing it's at best a distorted summary of the real me, but let's see how well I can do!

I'm employed as a software developer and systems administrator, which is great as from a very young age I've had an interest in computers and what can be done with them. I can recall watching cartoons on TV that showed these mammoth electronic devices called "computers" that were covered with switches, dials, and blinking lights. That's probably what directed my interest at the real home computers that came along some time later. By that time I was old enough not to be disappointed that they weren't huge machines with blinking lights; instead I started programming them to make them do interesting things, and a hobby was born.

I may make a living via computers but I'm not just a computer enthusiast. I've had a great many hobbies over the years and the work I do is the one that pays the bills for the others. If your job is just a job and you're not happy with it then I ask you: Why are you still doing it?

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Toomas is a perfectly ordinary Estonian name, pronounced sort of like this: The double O is like the O in sort, the A as in father. Stress is on the first syllable, not the second.